Rent or Buy a Low-Cost Steel Shipping Container in Central Pennsylvania. We are the best local source for used shipping containers for sale, and portable storage container rentals. From job sites to schools and universities, countless locations in and around the State use on-site steel storage containers for convenient, affordable storage. Whether you are looking for a short-term rental, or you are looking to purchase a container, Central PA Self Storage offers an extensive inventory to choose from, and will source the most competitive prices for our customers.

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On-Site Storage

There’s no need for off-site storage when you can have a sea container delivered to you at your location. With our custom trailers, we can unload your shipping container as long as there is room to set it down.

Delivery Price by Location

10 miles - $150
20 miles - $175
30 miles - $200
40 Miles - $225
50 Miles - $250

Beyond 50 will have to quote


Sell Your Used Container

Do you have an old shipping container you no longer need? Let us know as we consider purchasing shipping containers in any condition

How to sell your container

Advantages of Central PA Self Storage buying your container

  • We want used containers– so we are serious.
  • Prompt payment at or before collection.
  • We organize logistics and haul ourselves.
  • Once a price is agreed, we stick to it.
  • No advertising costs or answering lots of messages online.
  • No waiting around for people to view.

Selling your shipping container is a great way to make some money on things that you no longer need or are looking to upgrade or replace. Unlike some companies who only buy back shipping containers that only they’ve supplied, we will happily make you an offer no matter where or when it was purchased.